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1 bf04120170_0010 82 So what's the plan? Looks like there's quite a few of 'em, and they have Blades too.
2 bf04120170_0020 82 No time for complicated plans.
3 bf04120170_0030 82 Don't worry - they'll be no match for us!
4 bf04120170_0040 82 I knew you'd say that.
5 bf04120170_0050 82 But hey, I'm not saying you're wrong!
6 bf04120170_0060 82 Just remember, we're not here to kill anyone, so mind you don't go overboard.
7 bf04120170_0070 82 Was Rex-Rex not going to avenge village?
8 bf04120170_0080 82 There's more than one way to do that, right?
9 bf04120170_0090 82 Well, if you say so.
10 bf04120170_0100 82 Understood.
11 bf04120170_0110 82 Right. Let's go!
12 bf04120170_0120 82 All of you put down your weapons! You're not going to harm that city!
13 bf04120170_0130 82 Who the hell are you punks? We ain't got time for a bunch of kids!
14 bf04120170_0140 82 Hold it! They're Drivers and Blades!
15 bf04120170_0150 82 Now I get it... The city hired you, huh?!
16 bf04120170_0160 82 What d'you think?
17 bf04120170_0170 82 Bah! How'd you find out about...
18 bf04120170_0180 82 ...Whatever.
19 bf04120170_0190 82 Hey, lads! Let's slaughter these brats!
20 bf04120170_0200 82 We'll make an example of 'em!
21 bf04120170_0210 82 Yeah!