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1 bf04120150_0010 82 Well, we took it by force. Just like you wanted us to.
2 bf04120150_0020 82 Ugh...
3 bf04120150_0030 82 [ML:undisp ]...
4 bf04120150_0050 82 ...Titan's foot, you're all barely ten years old.
5 bf04120150_0060 82 Why are you stealing from people?
6 bf04120150_0070 82 [ML:undisp ]...
7 bf04120150_0080 82 [ML:undisp ]...
8 bf04120150_0090 82 Look, keeping your traps shut won't help anyone.
9 bf04120150_0100 82 My lady, be a little more gentle...
10 bf04120150_0110 82 Why? They're only petty thieves.
11 bf04120150_0120 82 Be that as it may, they are still children...
12 bf04120150_0130 82 Look, I'm sure there's a reason you're doing all this. Are you just that hard up?
13 bf04120150_0140 82 What do you take us for?! We're not some poor beggars!
14 bf04120150_0150 82 OK, so it's not money you're after...
15 bf04120150_0160 82 Then what the hell is it they want?
16 bf04120150_0170 82 You should just tell everything. Rex-Rex not hurt you.
17 bf04120150_0180 82 [ML:undisp ]...
18 bf04120150_0190 82 C'mon.
19 bf04120150_0200 82 ...We want revenge.
20 bf04120150_0210 82 Revenge?
21 bf04120150_0220 82 We're gonna avenge our village!
22 bf04120150_0230 82 You don't mean... You were planning to awaken this Blade and use it?
23 bf04120150_0240 82 Why don't you tell us the whole story? We might be able to help.
24 bf04120150_0250 82 Bandits attacked your village...?
25 bf04120150_0260 82 It was just a small, peaceful village. But the bad men... Just because we had water, they...
26 bf04120150_0270 82 Did anyone survive? Don't tell're the only ones?
27 bf04120150_0280 82 What's your name?
28 bf04120150_0290 82 Me? Why d'you wanna know?
29 bf04120150_0300 82 Please, kid.
30 bf04120150_0310 82 ...It's Rhys. From Cordell Village.
31 bf04120150_0320 82 Cordell Village... Can't say I've heard of it.
32 bf04120150_0330 82 It's just a tiny village on the outskirts of Gormott. Not many people know it.
33 bf04120150_0340 82 OK, Rhys. I get why you did this. But still, it's not right to steal from people.
34 bf04120150_0350 82 Besides which, awakening a Blade is dangerous.
35 bf04120150_0360 82 Do you know what happens if it fails?
36 bf04120150_0370 82 You never know until you try!
37 bf04120150_0380 82 Long as one of us manages it, that's all that matters.
38 bf04120150_0390 82 Sounds like you really were desperate, my boy.
39 bf04120150_0400 82 I assume you know the whereabouts of these bandits?
40 bf04120150_0410 82 There's a big cave over on Twin Trunks Hill. They use it as a hideout.
41 bf04120150_0420 82 Oh! Rhys! It's awful! Those scum are gonna-!
42 bf04120150_0430 82 ...Who are they?
43 bf04120150_0440 82 Don't worry about them. What's the matter?
44 bf04120150_0450 82 R-right, OK... The bandits are planning to attack Torigoth!
45 bf04120150_0460 82 Are you sure?
46 bf04120150_0470 82 Yeah. We overheard one of their men talking about it in the city just now.
47 bf04120150_0480 82 And it was definitely one of them?
48 bf04120150_0490 82 It looked like they were scouting the place out.
49 bf04120150_0500 82 They were saying with the consul gone, now's the perfect chance to take advantage.
50 bf04120150_0510 82 A shrewd observation... This would indeed be the perfect time to mount an attack.
51 bf04120150_0520 82 Are you trying to tell me that idiot consul was actually good for something?
52 bf04120150_0530 82 So...this all our fault?
53 bf04120150_0540 82 Well... Yeah, I guess we might have been the trigger.
54 bf04120150_0550 82 We can't sit by and let this happen.
55 bf04120150_0560 82 Agreed.
56 bf04120150_0570 82 Right, you lot! You can leave those nasty bandits to us.
57 bf04120150_0580 82 Wh-what?!
58 bf04120150_0590 82 I swear. We'll avenge your village.
59 bf04120150_0600 82 But...
60 bf04120150_0610 82 Don't worry.
61 bf04120150_0620 82 By the way, name's Rex. Rhys, take the others and go warn the city guard.
62 bf04120150_0630 82 Warn them about the bandits?
63 bf04120150_0640 82 Nah, they probably wouldn't believe you if you said bandits were coming.
64 bf04120150_0650 82 So tell them about us instead.
65 bf04120150_0660 82 Tell them the guys who destroyed the water tower are hiding out at Twin Trunks Hill.
66 bf04120150_0670 82 If you say so...but why?
67 bf04120150_0680 82 Don't worry, you'll see. We're counting on you, OK?
68 bf04120150_0690 82 OK.