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1 bf04030120_0010 82 There was a man who climbed the World Tree, hoping to make it to Elysium and meet his creator.
2 bf04030120_0020 82 But...when he arrived at Elysium, he found it empty.
3 bf04030120_0030 82 So instead, as proof that he had reached that divine realm...
4 bf04030120_0040 82 He brought back two Core Crystals, Malos and me.
5 bf04030120_0050 82 And once he made it back to Alrest...
6 bf04030120_0052 82 he awakened Malos.
7 bf04030120_0060 82 Why he did it, I can't say. For greed...for power...
8 bf04030120_0062 82 or perhaps...
9 bf04030150_0010 82 When Malos awakened, he wielded his world-shaking power without restraint.
10 bf04030150_0020 82 To him, it was natural. He had never known anything else.
11 bf04030150_0030 82 I was awakened by a Driver who was determined to stop Malos's rampage.
12 bf04030150_0040 82 So Malos and I fought.
13 bf04030150_0050 82 I fought with all my might, and succeeded in defeating Malos.
14 bf04030150_0060 82 But not without a price. Three great Titans fell in the struggle.
15 bf04030160_0010 82 After the battle...
16 bf04030160_0012 82 I sealed myself away to ensure that power would never be unleashed again.
17 bf04030160_0020 82 I took the form you see now, and fell into a long slumber.