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1 bf03370100_0010 82 Well, I'll be... It's just one blast from the past after another today.
2 bf03370100_0020 82 You probably guessed, but we're not here for a reunion.
3 bf03370100_0030 82 Just as well. The Aegis's gone already.
4 bf03370100_0040 82 How disappointing for you, "comrade".
5 bf03370100_0050 82 Hmph. Still an asshole.
6 bf03370100_0060 82 ...Despite the years taking their toll.
7 bf03370100_0070 82 I'll wager all the doctors in this town are quacks, and all the Blades are blunt.
8 bf03370100_0080 82 Obrona and I... We could fix that stagnant ether flow with a minimum of bother.
9 bf03370100_0090 82 What do you say? You could still have a lot of good years ahead of you!
10 bf03370100_0100 82 I mean, I won't deny there'd be a certain quid pro quo involved.
11 bf03370100_0110 82 But old man, just think of the benefits!
12 bf03370100_0120 82 Come, can't you lend us your expertise here?
13 bf03370100_0130 82 Do so, and you could live for a long, long time.
14 bf03370100_0140 82 You know, friend, I'm not as attached to my life as I used to be. Maybe I've had enough!
15 bf03370100_0150 82 Your little lost souls will be simply inconsolable.
16 bf03370100_0160 82 The kids? No, they're strong.
17 bf03370100_0165 82 [ML:undisp ]Tch.
18 bf03370100_0170 82 This is becoming a farce. A horrendously clichéd one at that!
19 bf03370100_0180 82 Break a leg!