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1 bf03200100_0010 82 How is she?
2 bf03200100_0020 82 She's not badly hurt. Dromarch thinks she just needs rest.
3 bf03200100_0030 82 That's good to hear.
4 bf03200100_0040 82 Maybe...I used too much power again...
5 bf03200100_0050 82 Hey, Rex...
6 bf03200100_0060 82 [ML:undisp ]Hmm?
7 bf03200100_0070 82 Know what the difference is between me and that Akhos fella?
8 bf03200100_0080 82 Well, he's a bad guy, trying to get Pyra...and you're...not?
9 bf03200100_0090 82 Hehe! Thanks for the vote of confidence, kid.
10 bf03200100_0100 82 What if I told you that we weren't that different?
11 bf03200100_0110 82 Huh?
12 bf03200100_0120 82 My crew at the village, we think we're fighting for justice.
13 bf03200100_0130 82 But, a just fight? I'm tellin' you now, there's no such thing.
14 bf03200100_0140 82 What people call justice? It's just an excuse to fight. War is war.
15 bf03200100_0150 82 The more you stand up for yourself, the more people wanna fight you.
16 bf03200100_0160 82 Before you know it, you're in a war.
17 bf03200100_0170 82 Listen. All I'm saying is, we got our fight, and he's got his.
18 bf03200100_0180 82 But what he's doing is-
19 bf03200100_0190 82 Yeah, it's bad. But war ain't about right and wrong. Power. That's all it is.
20 bf03200100_0200 82 And power can take many different forms. It depends on the heart of its wielder.
21 bf03200100_0210 82 If we don't use our power, just 'cos we're scared of it, we're done for.
22 bf03200100_0220 82 As for who's right and who's wrong... No one knows for sure.
23 bf03200100_0230 82 So, all we can do, is protect what's important.
24 bf03200100_0240 82 I think I understand.
25 bf03200100_0250 82 We all got our own war, kid.
26 bf03200100_0260 82 My...war?