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1 bf03180150_0010 82 Incredible. Never heard of such a thing.
2 bf03180150_0020 82 It's all true.
3 bf03180150_0030 82 I just thought it was an accessory.
4 bf03180150_0040 82 Vandham, that's not my style.
5 bf03180150_0050 82 Blades are supposed to heal up right away, no matter what the wound.
6 bf03180150_0060 82 If the crystal's in one piece and the Driver's alive, nothing can touch 'em.
7 bf03180150_0070 82 So why's she all bashed up?
8 bf03180150_0080 82 That's just how the chips fell. It is what it is.
9 bf03180150_0090 82 What it is, is a problem.
10 bf03180150_0100 82 It means, if one of you kicks the bucket, you both do.
11 bf03180150_0110 82 You told me that a good Driver always protects his Blade.
12 bf03180150_0120 82 So that's what I'll do. I'm gonna protect her.
13 bf03180150_0130 82 Easier said than done, kid.
14 bf03180150_0140 82 Listen.
15 bf03180150_0150 82 Pyra... She saved my life, brought me back from the dead. So I won't die again!
16 bf03180150_0160 82 I've got to live, for her sake! Until we get to Elysium, at least.
17 bf03180150_0170 82 We can make it together.
18 bf03180150_0180 82 Rex, you mean...
19 bf03180150_0190 82 Going to Elysium? I can't let that stand.
20 bf03180150_0200 82 It won't do. A bunch of amateurs stealing the show?
21 bf03180150_0210 82 The script exists for a reason!
22 bf03180150_0220 82 Akhos!
23 bf03180150_0225 82 !
24 bf03180150_0230 82 Please speak only when you're spoken to, traitor.
25 bf03180150_0240 82 Traitor traitor traitor!♪
26 bf03180150_0250 82 Nia, you're one of the baddies now. You villain!
27 bf03180150_0260 82 Teeheehee!
28 bf03180150_0270 82 I didn't betray anyone!
29 bf03180150_0280 82 Then why do you stand with them? You think that is where you belong?
30 bf03180150_0285 82 But, I...
31 bf03180150_0290 82 Hmph. Who are these goons?
32 bf03180150_0300 82 Torna. They're trying to get their hands on Pyra.
33 bf03180150_0310 82 Torna?!
34 bf03180150_0320 82 Akhos! Just tell us what you're here for!
35 bf03180150_0330 82 Well, the Aegis, of course.
36 bf03180150_0340 82 I just had to come and see the leading lady with my own eyes.
37 bf03180150_0350 82 Jin put you up to this?
38 bf03180150_0360 82 Well deduced. Oh, by the way...
39 bf03180150_0370 82 His orders were to deal with you in whatever manner I see fit.
40 bf03180150_0380 82 So you know what that means.
41 bf03180150_0390 82 He wouldn't... You're lying!
42 bf03180150_0400 82 Why the surprise? Did you think he would still care about you?
43 bf03180150_0410 82 Oh, to live in your reality...
44 bf03180150_0420 82 [ML:undisp ]Grrr!
45 bf03180150_0430 82 Well, well. Your part in this play is coming to an end.
46 bf03180150_0440 82 So! Time for you to shuffle off the stage.
47 bf03180150_0460 82 Hnngh!
48 bf03180150_0470 82 What's wrong?
49 bf03180150_0480 82 I know the name Torna. They've taken the lives of too many Drivers.
50 bf03180150_0490 82 Including some of my crew. Good people.
51 bf03180150_0500 82 Rumor says it's because they're collecting Core Crystals. So, if this Akhos is one of them...
52 bf03180150_0510 82 Yew! Zuo! Get everyone out of the village!
53 bf03180150_0520 82 Yes, sir!
54 bf03180150_0530 82 You ready?
55 bf03180150_0540 82 Ready!
56 bf03180150_0550 82 Got it!
57 bf03180150_0560 82 Thanks for this.
58 bf03180150_0570 82 No problem!
59 bf03180150_0580 82 It'll be tough. His Blade, Obrona... She can manipulate the ether in the air.
60 bf03180150_0590 82 It lets him counter elemental attacks by generating fields of the opposing element!
61 bf03180150_0600 82 Finally, a decent opponent for a change! Let's go!