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1 bf02370100_0010 82 Not much further to exit!
2 bf02370100_0020 82 Not so fast, my dear intruders.
3 bf02370100_0030 82 Letting a terrorist from Torna out of my grasp would make me look very bad indeed.
4 bf02370100_0040 82 Ah, that emerald Core Crystal! You must be the Aegis!
5 bf02370100_0050 82 Much as it pains me to admit it, it seems Mòrag was right on the money.
6 bf02370100_0060 82 You know who Pyra is? Are you trying to capture her too, you ratbag?
7 bf02370100_0070 82 Now now, language. But of course.
8 bf02370100_0080 82 The most powerful Blade in all of history, with the power to rend Alrest asunder?
9 bf02370100_0090 82 Only a fool would know of that power and not seek to claim it!
10 bf02370100_0100 82 And I am no fool!
11 bf02370100_0110 82 Therefore, I will claim her as my own!
12 bf02370100_0120 82 You cannot argue with such logic!
13 bf02370100_0130 82 Flaw detected in final step of logic.
14 bf02370100_0140 82 Sorry, pal, but you've done all the capturing you're gonna do today.
15 bf02370100_0150 82 Such impertinence for a dirty terrorist.
16 bf02370100_0160 82 Let's go, Pyra!
17 bf02370100_0170 82 Got it!