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1 bf02260100_0010 82 Nia and Dromarch, executed... It doesn't bear thinking about!
2 bf02260100_0020 82 But getting aboard that warship will be no mean feat.
3 bf02260100_0030 82 We're going to need an ironclad plan.
4 bf02260100_0040 82 Army port is under heavy guard...
5 bf02260100_0050 82 I guess we'll just have to mount a full-on attack!
6 bf02260100_0060 82 No, Rex! We can't put everyone in danger.
7 bf02260100_0070 82 Right, sorry.
8 bf02260100_0080 82 There!
9 bf02260100_0090 82 This is one of the Grandarbor's roots, right?
10 bf02260100_0100 82 If this map is correct, it goes all the way from the quay to the hull of the warship.
11 bf02260100_0110 82 And here. It looks like some kind of cargo entrance. Could we sneak on that way?
12 bf02260100_0120 82 Oh, right! No one'll spot us if we sneak in from below!
13 bf02260100_0130 82 Security light around this entrance. At night, not even workers here.
14 bf02260100_0140 82 Looks like this is our only option.
15 bf02260100_0150 82 Then it's a plan!
16 bf02260100_0160 82 Mehehe.
17 bf02260100_0170 82 Tora?
18 bf02260100_0180 82 Tora have something to show you.