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1 bf02220100_0010 82 Oh man! This is delicious!
2 bf02220100_0020 82 Yum-yummy! So super very tasty!
3 bf02220100_0030 82 Simply exquisite!
4 bf02220100_0040 82 I haven't eaten this well in 120 years!
5 bf02220100_0050 82 Glad you liked it!
6 bf02220100_0060 82 It seems like I did OK... I was worried I'd have gotten a little rusty over the years.
7 bf02220100_0070 82 It didn't taste rusty at all! Uh, I mean...
8 bf02220100_0080 82 But Tora is curious. Pyra is fire-using Blade, yes?
9 bf02220100_0090 82 When Tora broke that water pipe, Pyra could still make fire!
10 bf02220100_0100 82 Come to think of it, you're right. That Brighid, the imperial Blade...
11 bf02220100_0110 82 She used fire abilities just like Pyra,
12 bf02220100_0120 82 but the water seemed to douse much of her strength.
13 bf02220100_0130 82 So...what are you saying?
14 bf02220100_0140 82 This world full of elemental energy called ether, yes?
15 bf02220100_0150 82 Ether come in forms like fire, water and wind.
16 bf02220100_0160 82 While battling, Drivers and Blades both draw power from ether.
17 bf02220100_0170 82 But fire not good with water.
18 bf02220100_0180 82 Other Blade woman got splooshy with water, so fire powers all damp.
19 bf02220100_0190 82 But Pyra and I were able to use our powers with no problem.
20 bf02220100_0200 82 Indeed. They were unaffected.
21 bf02220100_0210 82 Why?
22 bf02220100_0220 82 Um, well, my powers don't come from fire.
23 bf02220100_0230 82 Mehmeh?! If powers not fire, why look like flames?
24 bf02220100_0240 82 Th-that may be a little complicated to explain...
25 bf02220100_0250 82 Go on then? Tora like complicated things a lot!
26 bf02220100_0260 82 Ah, well, u-um, I, it...
27 bf02220100_0270 82 Knock it off, Tora. Can't you see you're making her uncomfortable?
28 bf02220100_0280 82 Meh...
29 bf02220100_0290 82 Everyone has things they'd rather not talk about. Right?
30 bf02220100_0300 82 I'm sorry. I'm sure I'll be able to tell you about it soon enough.
31 bf02220100_0310 82 Don't worry about it.
32 bf02220100_0320 82 Right now, we need to think about how to rescue Nia.
33 bf02220100_0330 82 First, we go around town and find all information we can!
34 bf02220100_0340 82 Hmm, yes. I daresay that we're all wanted criminals by this point.
35 bf02220100_0350 82 Pyra sticks out like a sore thumb.
36 bf02220100_0360 82 I'm so sorry.
37 bf02220100_0370 82 Don't worry friends! Tora has an idea!