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1 bf02190100_0010 82 The boy and his Blade who seemed to be working with them got away...
2 bf02190100_0020 82 But we apprehended the girl from the wanted poster, along with her Blade!
3 bf02190100_0030 82 The town is once again safe for-
4 bf02190100_0040 82 Say, Padraig, do you remember what my orders were?
5 bf02190100_0050 82 Sir?
6 bf02190100_0060 82 I told you to capture the Blade with the emerald Core Crystal, did I not?
7 bf02190100_0070 82 Do you recall me ever telling you to capture some little girl
8 bf02190100_0080 82 with barely a bounty on her head?
9 bf02190100_0090 82 B-but sir, she's a member of Torna-
10 bf02190100_0100 82 I'll say it slowly for you, just so we're clear. Get. The Blade. With. The emerald-
11 bf02190100_0110 82 Um, Consul Dughall, sir?
12 bf02190100_0120 82 What?
13 bf02190100_0130 82 I-I'm not exactly sure what color "emerald" is supposed to be...
14 bf02190100_0140 82 Agh! Give me strength! It's green, you idiot! Emerald is green!
15 bf02190100_0150 82 Like this! Green! Get it, you clod?
16 bf02190100_0160 82 Ohhh, GREEN! I get it now. So emeralds are green, huh...
17 bf02190100_0170 82 You dunderhead! How many Blades do you see with green Core Crystals?
18 bf02190100_0180 82 It's patently obvious! How do you mix THAT Blade up with some worthless cat monster?!
19 bf02190100_0190 82 Actually, sir, technically I believe that's a tiger, rather than a-
20 bf02190100_0200 82 Silence!
21 bf02190100_0210 82 Agh!
22 bf02190100_0220 82 Consul!
23 bf02190100_0230 82 What is it? Haven't you heard of knocking?
24 bf02190100_0240 82 My apologies, sir! It's just that Lady Mòrag has...
25 bf02190100_0250 82 What?!
26 bf02190100_0260 82 Special Inquisitor Mòrag has just arrived from the motherland.
27 bf02190100_0270 82 Already?!
28 bf02190100_0280 82 Her ship has just docked.
29 bf02190100_0290 82 Grkh, this... This cannot be happening!