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1 bf02090100_0010 82 [ML:undisp ]*yawn*
2 bf02090100_0020 82 Right then. We should probably try and find a town or something.
3 bf02090100_0030 82 Does anyone have any idea where we are?
4 bf02090100_0040 82 This is Gormott. A province of the Ardainian Empire.
5 bf02090100_0050 82 You must've seen the Gormott Titan before?
6 bf02090100_0060 82 Yeah, only from a distance, though.
7 bf02090100_0070 82 We're somewhere around its belly.
8 bf02090100_0080 82 So...this is Gormott, huh?
9 bf02090100_0090 82 Hang on a second, Nia - your ears. Are you Gormotti?
10 bf02090100_0100 82 Well done, genius. Took you long enough!
11 bf02090100_0110 82 Gormott is the land of my lady's birth.
12 bf02090100_0120 82 Wow. Well, that's reassuring.
13 bf02090100_0130 82 If we wanna find a town, the first step is to get out of this forest.
14 bf02090100_0140 82 Keep heading up and we'll hit the plains soon. The town's that way.
15 bf02090100_0150 82 Brilliant. Let's get going!