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1 bf02080100_0010 82 Hello there. Still awake, I see.
2 bf02080100_0020 82 I can't seem to sleep.
3 bf02080100_0030 82 It's good to see you again...Azurda.
4 bf02080100_0040 82 Likewise. Though you've changed a lot since last we met, Pyra.
5 bf02080100_0050 82 I suppose I have. A lot's happened.
6 bf02080100_0060 82 Yes it has. I wanted to thank you for saving my dear Rex.
7 bf02080100_0070 82 And I need to know - what you told him, is that what you really intend?
8 bf02080100_0080 82 Yes. It is my true desire.
9 bf02080100_0090 82 I see. Well, that's good enough. I have no reason to doubt you, Pyra.
10 bf02080100_0100 82 That said... I do have one other goal now.
11 bf02080100_0110 82 Jin and Malos.
12 bf02080100_0120 82 I cannot allow them to continue with their current course.
13 bf02080100_0130 82 The fate of an Aegis never changes...
14 bf02080100_0140 82 Right...
15 bf02080100_0150 82 And you're going to get Rex mixed up in this?
16 bf02080100_0160 82 ...
17 bf02080100_0170 82 I'm not blaming you.
18 bf02080100_0180 82 No matter how hard you tried, that boy would find some way to get involved.
19 bf02080100_0190 82 I see half your Core is missing. Seems you've taken on quite a burden.
20 bf02080100_0200 82 Azurda, I...
21 bf02080100_0210 82 Promise me you'll take care of Rex.
22 bf02080100_0220 82 I will.