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1 bf02070100_0010 82 I see. So you two are off to Elysium.
2 bf02070100_0020 82 Listen, I never thanked you properly. For saving us, I mean.
3 bf02070100_0030 82 Dromarch said that you... carried us all the way here.
4 bf02070100_0040 82 We owe you our lives, Titan.
5 bf02070100_0050 82 No need to thank me. After all, you were the ones who saved Rex.
6 bf02070100_0060 82 Don't mention it.
7 bf02070100_0070 82 So you Titans can regenerate. Pretty handy.
8 bf02070100_0080 82 This isn't something just any old Titan ca-
9 bf02070100_0090 82 You can retire that line now.
10 bf02070100_0100 82 Excuse me?! I'd like less of that attitude!
11 bf02070100_0110 82 If you had listened to me and declined that reckless job to begin with, we wouldn't be in this mess!
12 bf02070100_0120 82 "Take a nap" you said, like I was some kind of doddery old man...
13 bf02070100_0130 82 Okay, okay, I get it! I'm a terrible disappointment.
14 bf02070100_0140 82 Look how sorry I am!
15 bf02070100_0150 82 Can you not muster even a shred of sincere remorse?
16 bf02070100_0160 82 Sorry, but I can't.
17 bf02070100_0170 82 What?
18 bf02070100_0180 82 If I hadn't taken the job, they'd have got their hands on Pyra.
19 bf02070100_0190 82 Rex...
20 bf02070100_0200 82 I couldn't let that happen. No way. They can never take her.
21 bf02070100_0210 82 ...