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1 bf01170100_0010 82 Your target is located inside a shipwreck 450 peds straight down.
2 bf01170100_0020 82 Searching the wreck while submerged is too high-risk for our tastes, so...
3 bf01170100_0030 82 we'll be using flotation devices and cranes to lift the hull first.
4 bf01170100_0040 82 Next, you'll split into teams and explore the interior. Once the target is found, retrieval can commence.
5 bf01170100_0050 82 If that's clear, let's begin with attaching the floats. Get into position!
6 bf01170100_0060 82 We're paying you lowlifes a lot, so don't screw it up!
7 bf01170100_0070 82 You smug so-and-so...
8 bf01170100_0080 82 And submerge!