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1 bf01140100_0010 82 [ML:undisp ]Hm?
2 bf01140100_0020 82 That's the black ship from the harbor. Is it...following us...?
3 bf01140100_0030 82 Ugh, it's way too cold up here.
4 bf01140100_0040 82 You-
5 bf01140100_0050 82 I'll have you know I've got a name. It's Nia.
6 bf01140100_0060 82 They've started boozin' below decks. You should join 'em.
7 bf01140100_0070 82 Why aren't you there?
8 bf01140100_0080 82 It's not that I hate it, I just really don't need a headache right now.
9 bf01140100_0090 82 Huh. Good thing you're not a salvager, then.
10 bf01140100_0100 82 Why's that?
11 bf01140100_0110 82 Swim like a fish, and drink like one too. That's the Salvager's Code.
12 bf01140100_0120 82 Ugh, sounds terrible. I don't think I'll be changing careers...
13 bf01140100_0130 82 Hm. Probably for the best.
14 bf01140100_0140 82 Anyway, I bet you Drivers earn a hell of a lot more than salvagers do!
15 bf01140100_0150 82 So, kid...
16 bf01140100_0160 82 My name's Rex.
17 bf01140100_0170 82 Hmph. OK, Rex. Why did you start salvaging in the first place?
18 bf01140100_0180 82 That there.
19 bf01140100_0190 82 The...World Tree? I don't get it.
20 bf01140100_0200 82 You know, you find all sorts of things digging through salvage.
21 bf01140100_0210 82 Some of it trash, some of it treasure... but all of it from people long gone.
22 bf01140100_0220 82 Have you noticed how there's fewer Titans each day?
23 bf01140100_0230 82 I saw one go under just the other day. It was a pretty big one.
24 bf01140100_0240 82 There must have been loads of animals still living on it...
25 bf01140100_0250 82 Living space is running out day by day.
26 bf01140100_0260 82 Sooner or later, we'll be the ones sinking down into the Cloud Sea.
27 bf01140100_0270 82 But up there... Elysium is waiting for us.
28 bf01140100_0280 82 Pff... Bwahahahaha!
29 bf01140100_0290 82 Seriously, kid? "Elysium"? Don't tell me you believe that guff!
30 bf01140100_0300 82 It's just a lie for children, and that there is just an overgrown shrub!
31 bf01140100_0310 82 So that's, uh...why you're a salvager?
32 bf01140100_0320 82 If there is a way to get up there, maybe it's hidden below the clouds.
33 bf01140100_0330 82 Is it really that crazy?
34 bf01140100_0340 82 Seriously, though...
35 bf01140100_0350 82 There'd be no need to fight over dwindling land and resources...
36 bf01140100_0360 82 No need to worry about our homes sinking away...
37 bf01140100_0370 82 Everyone could have peace and security.
38 bf01140100_0380 82 I mean, a dream like that... Isn't that worth believing in?
39 bf01140100_0390 82 Nobody can tell you what to believe, but...
40 bf01140100_0400 82 Hmm..."Everyone," huh...?
41 bf01140100_0410 82 What?
42 bf01140100_0420 82 I always thought people were pretty selfish by nature. But you...
43 bf01140100_0430 82 Huh?
44 bf01140100_0440 82 D'you have parents?
45 bf01140100_0450 82 Nope.
46 bf01140100_0460 82 When I asked Gramps, he told me they died when I was just a kid.
47 bf01140100_0470 82 "Gramps"... Oh, the same one who taught you to use Arts?
48 bf01140100_0480 82 Yeah, he basically raised me himself.
49 bf01140100_0490 82 He's not like us, though.
50 bf01140100_0500 82 Not like...?
51 bf01140100_0510 82 I'm not sure I catch your drift, but this Gramps of yours sounds all right.
52 bf01140100_0520 82 [ML:undisp ]Huh?
53 bf01140100_0530 82 And you're all right too, kid.
54 bf01140100_0540 82 Not that different from me.
55 bf01140100_0550 82 [ML:undisp ]Huh...?