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1 bf01030100_0010 82 *sigh* We really do need to buy ourselves a new depth probe...
2 bf01030100_0020 82 The ping was off by 150 peds to the east. That's not gonna fly!
3 bf01030100_0030 82 And what about the treasure, Rex? Was it in line with your expectations?
4 bf01030100_0040 82 It seemed pretty solid. Didn't even have to reinforce it too much.
5 bf01030100_0050 82 Even with the labor costs, we should be able to turn a decent profit.
6 bf01030100_0060 82 Honestly, it takes you two days to run the structural analysis...
7 bf01030100_0070 82 Yet somehow you can gauge the profits in an instant?
8 bf01030100_0080 82 Don't go rainin' on my parade, Gramps.
9 bf01030100_0090 82 You know I'm in the salvaging trade for the cash!
10 bf01030100_0100 82 A little business sense goes a long way, all...right?
11 bf01030100_0110 82 Whoa!
12 bf01030100_0120 82 I didn't expect THAT! You been living in this thing, big guy?
13 bf01030100_0130 82 Rex!
14 bf01030100_0140 82 No worries, Gramps!
15 bf01030100_0150 82 I think we know what's for lunch!